We at Kolibri Film have many years experience in production and have worked with numerous production formats, experienced varying degrees of demanding production schedules, as well as enjoyed many fun filled times.

We believe that we have the experience and professional people to be the right partner to ensure your project is a success.

Our services include; from storyboard to financial advice or the completed product. Why not contact us and hear what we can do to convert your ideas into reality. Please let us know what you want, and we will make it happen.


We have been in a position to provide helicopter footage in HD to 4,6K, 16mm, 35mm since 2009. We have been utilising our own gyro stabilisation platform. The gyro helicopter stabilisation system, which is of American design, is unique in that it allows for steady footage for use in films, commercials or TV productions. We are able to mount any camera type, onto cars, boats and helicopters.

The gyro-stabilising system, with our professionally trained camera operator, can be rented at a fixed rate. Should the need arise then the helicopter can also be rented.

Our Drone is the Inspire Pro 2 with the CineSSD for ProRess 4444, CinemaDNG and DJI Mavic Pro. We are licensed to operate UAS by the danish transport authority.

Please contact us for details and prices.